Networking Devices and Initial Configuration Module 10 – 12 Checkpoint Exam Answers

  1. Which switch command would a network administrator use to determine if there are encapsulation or media errors on an interface?

    • show ip interface
    • show line
    • show interfaces
    • show arp

  2. Refer to the exhibit. Which element of IOS syntax is the expression MainOffice?

    Networking Devices and Initial Configuration Module 10 - 12 Checkpoint Exam Answers 03
    Networking Devices and Initial Configuration Module 10 – 12 Checkpoint Exam Answers 03
    • an argument
    • a subcommand
    • a keyword
    • a command

  3. What does the letter C mean next to an entry in the output of the show ip route command?

    • It identifies a network that is a static route.
    • It identifies a network that is directly connected to the router.
    • It identifies a network that is learned through EIGRP.
    • It identifies a network that is learned through OSPF.

  4. Refer to the exhibit. An administrator is trying to configure the switch but receives the error message that is displayed in the exhibit. What is the problem?

    Networking Devices and Initial Configuration Module 10 - 12 Checkpoint Exam Answers 01
    Networking Devices and Initial Configuration Module 10 – 12 Checkpoint Exam Answers 01
    • The administrator must first enter privileged EXEC mode before issuing the command.
    • The administrator is already in global configuration mode.
    • The entire command, configure terminal, must be used.
    • The administrator must connect via the console port to access global configuration mode.

  5. An administrator uses the Ctrl-Shift-6 key combination on a switch after issuing the ping command. What is the purpose of using these keystrokes?

    • to exit to a different configuration mode
    • to interrupt the ping process
    • to allow the user to complete the command
    • to restart the ping process

  6. Which Cisco IOS mode displays a prompt of Router#?

    • user EXEC mode
    • global configuration mode
    • privileged EXEC mode
    • setup mode

  7. To save time, IOS commands may be partially entered and then completed by typing which key or key combination?

    • Up Arrow
    • Ctrl-P
    • Down Arrow
    • Right Arrow
    • Tab
    • Ctrl-N

  8. Refer to the exhibit. A network technician is statically assigning an IP address to a PC. The default gateway is correct. What would be a valid IP address to assign to the host?

    Networking Devices and Initial Configuration Module 10 - 12 Checkpoint Exam Answers 02
    Networking Devices and Initial Configuration Module 10 – 12 Checkpoint Exam Answers 02

  9. When configuring SSH on a router to implement secure network management, a network engineer has issued the login local and transport input ssh line vty commands. What three additional configuration actions have to be performed to complete the SSH configuration? (Choose three.)

    • Set the user privilege levels.
    • Manually enable SSH after the RSA keys are generated.
    • Configure role-based CLI access.
    • Configure the correct IP domain name.
    • Generate the asymmetric RSA keys.
    • Create a valid local username and password database.

  10. Passwords can be used to restrict access to all or parts of the Cisco IOS. Select the modes and interfaces that can be protected with passwords. (Choose three.)

    • VTY interface
    • boot IOS mode
    • router configuration mode
    • console interface
    • Ethernet interface
    • privileged EXEC mode

  11. A network administrator enters the service password-encryption command into the configuration mode of a router. What does this command accomplish?

    • This command encrypts passwords as they are transmitted across serial WAN links.
    • This command provides an exclusive encrypted password for external service personnel who are required to do router maintenance.
    • This command enables a strong encryption algorithm for the enable secret password command.
    • This command automatically encrypts passwords in configuration files that are currently stored in NVRAM.
    • This command prevents someone from viewing the running configuration passwords.

  12. Match the command with the device mode at which the command is entered.

    • ip address
    • enable
    • copy running-config startup-config
    • service password-encryption






      Place the options in the following order:

      Service password-encryption R1(config)#
      Enable R1>
      Copy running-config startup-config R1#
      Login R1(config-line)#
      Ip address R1(config-if)#
  13. Which interface is the default SVI on a Cisco switch?

    • GigabitEthernet 0/1
    • VLAN 99
    • FastEthernet 0/1
    • VLAN 1

  14. A network administrator establishes a connection to a switch via SSH. What characteristic uniquely describes the SSH connection?

    • remote access to the switch through the use of a telephone dialup connection
    • on-site access to a switch through the use of a directly connected PC and a console cable
    • direct access to the switch through the use of a terminal emulation program
    • remote access to a switch where data is encrypted during the session
    • out-of-band access to a switch through the use of a virtual terminal with password authentication

  15. Which utility uses the Internet Control Messaging Protocol (ICMP)?

    • ping
    • RIP
    • DNS
    • NTP

  16. What is the purpose of ICMP messages?

    • to ensure the delivery of an IP packet
    • to inform routers about network topology changes
    • to monitor the process of a domain name to IP address resolution
    • to provide feedback of IP packet transmissions

  17. A user calls to report that a PC cannot access the internet. The network technician asks the user to issue the command ping in a command prompt window. The user reports that the result is four positive replies. What conclusion can be drawn based on this connectivity test?

    • The PC can access the Internet. However, the web browser may not work.
    • The TCP/IP implementation is functional.
    • The PC can access the network. The problem exists beyond the local network.
    • The IP address obtained from the DHCP server is correct.

  18. Which ICMPv6 message is sent when the IPv6 hop limit field of a packet is decremented to zero and the packet cannot be forwarded?

    • port unreachable
    • time exceeded
    • network unreachable
    • protocol unreachable

  19. Which ICMP message is used by the traceroute utility during the process of finding the path between two end hosts?

    • redirect
    • ping
    • time exceeded
    • destination unreachable

  20. A user issues a ping command and receives a response that includes a code of 3. What does this code represent?

    • protocol unreachable
    • port unreachable
    • host unreachable
    • network unreachable

      When a host or gateway receives a packet that it cannot deliver, it can use an ICMP Destination Unreachable message to notify the source that the destination or service is unreachable. The message will include a code that indicates why the packet could not be delivered. These are some of the Destination Unreachable codes for ICMPv4:

      • 0 : net unreachable
      • 1 : host unreachable
      • 2 : protocol unreachable
      • 3 : port unreachable
  21. Which command can be used to verify connectivity between two host devices?

    • ping
    • nslookup
    • netstat
    • ipconfig

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